"Course should be used statewide for all EMTs & paramedics"

Multi-Casualty Basic Operations student 2006

"You're the best! You make things happen with skill and class."

Repeat emergency preparedness student 2017

"Love the real world experience all of you bring!"

Advanced incident command student 2019

"Brilliant! You brought up issues we have not thought about in the past."

Headquarters staff, 

Ireland National Ambulance Service 2019

"Obvious mastery"

EMS Response to  WMDs student 2006

"The most responsive presenters!"

Hazardous materials student 2015

"Exceeded expectations"

ICS and NIMS student 2017

"One of the best classes I have ever taken"

Multi Casualty Basic Operations student 2006

"We are further along because of the work you did for us"

Regional EMS director/mass casualty plan client 2010

"Instructors really work great together. Kept it fun and engaging."

Incident command system student 2015

""An excellent job of explaining radiation terms and concepts from a lay person's perspective"

State EMS coordinator 2010

"I have had hazmat training for 40 years. This was the most thorough"

Hazardous materials student 2017

"We could use more of your insight here on the East Coast"

Massachusetts EMS manager 2011

"Thank you for the great instruction. Your experience and approach to teaching the subject matter added a much needed element to keep the subject matter interesting and engaging."

Disaster medical response student 2015

"High pedigree presenters. Top quality and selection of materials. Challenging and growth-promoting activities. A privilege to train with you again."

Incident command student 2017

"Many years of experience on subject. Engaged the class very well. Answered questions in depth and engaged the class in the discussion."

Incident command student 2015