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Chief Bernie Paul coaches members of a small work group during an advanced incident command course


The PCT team has provided training and consulting services to emergency response, public health,  hospitals, and disaster preparedness and response organizations for more than 30 years.   There's never been a more critical time for meaningful preparedness,  and we are committed to helping communities and organizations  achieve that.

Competence, not just Compliance.  We are committed to helping our clients achieve genuine competence in  preparedness and response, not simply "check box" compliance.  Each of  our team members has literally decades of real-world emergency services  background, including disaster response and leadership experience.  This  exceptional background provides the foundation for the services we  provide. 

Our team has been involved in major emergency response as  far back as 1974, and instills that experience into the services we  provide to every client.

Students practice scene organization and patient triage in one of our Multi-Casualty courses

Our specialties include

  • Incident command and management
  • Hazardous materials response and casualty care
  • Disaster medical and health operations
  • Multi-casualty incident  operations and management
  • Terrorism preparedness
  • Other special operations
  • Preparedness for rural communities 
  • Emergency plan development 

Decontamination training includes practical exercises using local equipment

Hands-on training

Many of our courses include activities to reinforce learning and refine skills. Classroom offerings often include group activities and drills, while other courses may include hands-on practice on subjects such as patient triage, decontamination, and other specialized skills. 

Sometimes there's no substitute for doing something new, and we routinely introduce students to new equipment and techniques in low stress practice with their classmates and co-responders. Local agencies and equipment are often included to enhance learning for the students and provide practice and interaction for response teams.


We have extensive experience serving public safety departments, hospitals,  public health  agencies, and other health care and emergency management disciplines. These subjects are not  an incidental sideline to our business, they are the very core of what  our team does.  To learn more, we invite you to visit those areas of our  site of particular interest to you.   


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